Friday, February 15, 2008

What I did for Valentine's Day

Nothing... Well, what do you expect a woman married for almost 9 years to say? The specialness of that day wears so thin the longer my husband and I are together. It was just another damn day. We didn't do anything dramatically different from any other day. We spent some quality time together on the sofa, watching "Cheaters" and "Cheaters Caught on Tape". Quite interesting viewing for Valentine's Day I suppose. It kills me that G4TV showed a marathon of "Cheaters" on Valentine's Day of all days.

We didn't watch too much of "Cheaters". You've seen one cheating scenario, you've pretty much have seen them all. The other show, "Cheaters Caught on Tape", some of these people went to great lengths to cheat.

In this one situation, the husband has a PI follow his wife while he is away on business. The PI follows the wife to the local mall. The wife goes into the bathroom, changes clothes and puts on a wig. She returns to the parking lot, but leaves in a different car. She is then followed to a hotel to meet up with her lover. My girl pulled some straight deep cover sh*t! Just to cheat on her husband?? Well, if she had to cheat, at least she put a little effort into it. I hate to see or hear about a cheating spouse or lover cheating at home. It's bad enough that he or she chose to cheat, but in the house that you share? Let me tell you something, if my husband ever decides to cheat on me, he had better have enough sense to NOT bring the bitch to our house. If I was to walk in on the indiscretion, I would not be responsible for my actions. It would be like that D'Angelo song, "Sh*t, Damn, Motherf*cker". I have the ability to choke out 200+ lbs men. I could probably put a serious amount of pain on any female trifling enough to not only sleep with my husband, but to do the deed in my house, in my bed. OH, HELL NO!!!

Another woman blew my mind with her infidelity. She basically caught herself. Let me explain. Her lover was engaged to be married and she did not want the wedding to happen. So, she hired a PI to follow her and her lover and videotape their indiscretions in very public places. Well, the tape got to the lover's fiancee and stopped the wedding, as planned. However, the video also got back to her husband. Well, that pretty much ended her marriage. On the bright side, at least her and her lover no longer need to sneak around to be together.

In another scenario, the wife is getting a bit suspicious of her husband's long, late night dog walks to the park and sends the PI on him. He takes a nice leisurely walk to the park's public restroom. He is met by another man, money exchanges and then they disappear into the bathroom for about 30 minutes. Well, I guess that we can just imagine what went on there. He later claims his repressed need for a little manly love led to his double life.

I would say that I wonder why people cheat in the first place. But as a former serial cheater in previous relationships, I guess everyone has their reasons. But the one that always seems to come up the most is lack of communication. I have had heard, both men and women, complain about he or she doesn't do this or doesn't do that. But then you ask the question, "well, have you told him/her how you feel?" The answer is almost always no. I don't know about the men, but we women often forget that our men are not mind readers. If we don't express ourselves in the relationship, how can we expect to get what we want and need from the relationship? And if we express ourselves and still don't get what we want and need, then we done what we can and it's time to go. Why bother sneaking around and cheating?

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day.


Not Your Average Male said...

I just wanted to say that... I love that show. Another one of my guilty pleasures. It's just too funny to watch them use what I call "Cheater's Rationale" -- it goes as follows:

- "I don't know what you're talking about"
- "That's not me in that video"
- "Look, I'm sorry... baby, I made a mistake!"
- "Well, if you came home earlier.. well, maybe this wouldn't have happened!"
- "Why did you have to bring all these cameras? What has gotten into you..."
- "Screw you, I don't wanna be with you no more anyway!"
- "Can't we just go home and talk about this in private?"

And so on... those are some funny cheaters, I'll tell ya!

Urban Thought said...

I'm glad I'm not in a relationship. I don't have to deal with these issues.

I'm a big fan of Cheaters. Not sure why anyone would want to expose themselves on TV like that. But one thing is clear: You can always tell who is getting paid and who isn't.

If the face is blurred, they didn't want the paycheck. Sounds like the only one with sense to me.