Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Single life in Baltimore

Ok, I have to say, upfront, that this is a topic that I have limited knowledge of. For most of my adult life, I've been with someone. Not necessarily a good thing. In fact, maybe it's better to spend some time and get to know yourself before beginning a life with someone else. Early on, I spent too much time in relationships where I got sucked into someone else's world before I truly defined my own.

In any event, most of what I know of single life in B-more has been vicariously through single friends and acquaintances. It seems no matter if the person is male or female, they all say the same thing: there are no good potential mates in Baltimore city. Nada.

The men are either too thuggish or not thug enough, not educated or low ambition. The women are too boogee and high maintenance, lie too much and seem to have no clue what they really want.

I think that it would be too short sighted to just blame the location. Baltimore has its shortcomings, plenty of them. But Baltimore is not unique. I've heard from people in different locations. There seems to be a lack of marrying material no matter where you go. I think most people are looking too much for absolute perfection. No one out there is perfect, at least not for long.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Would you leave your lover for another?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I was watching some daytime talk show. Probably Montel, or something else that we had no business watching on our day off. The topic of this show was something along the lines of would you leave you current lover for a past lover. One woman announced emphatically,

"HELL YES!!! If John came back into my life, then it would be all over for me and Brett."

Well, damn. Poor Brett. He has been dating this woman for two years, and if John ever comes back, so sorry for you, Brett. Who cares about your feelings?

I didn't hear why her and John broke up to begin with. Maybe it was the great body, the romance, the status, the sex. Whatever the reason, this person held a place in her heart eternally. To the point that this person could come in at any point in her life and pick up were they left off.

I can't relate, because for the most part, my ex-boyfriends were pieces of shit. Well, with the exception of one.

So, the question came up between the hubby and me.

ME: "So, are there any women in your past life that you would consider leaving me for?"
HUBBY: "Nope."


HUBBY: "What about you?"

Now, for some reason I thinking how could he ask me a question like that, even after I boldly decided to ask him.

I think for a quick second, and then respond, of course:

ME: "No."

Then I started thinking again. Like I mentioned before, there was only one of my ex's that I would even consider marrying material. But it got me to thinking why it ended in the first place.

My 33rd and random thoughts

I will be 33 this month and I'm already having a senior moment. I couldn't even remember the stupid password and username to this blog. I suppose that means that I need to write more. But I hating writing at home these days. I feel too censored. He, the hubby, has this annoying habit of reading over my shoulder. I cut on the computer and poof, there he is behind me. Let something come on to the screen that looks questionable, there he is with tons of questions. I just hate having to explain everything I am doing on the computer, especially those things that are of little to no consequence. He'll ask me about shit that I know doesn't interest him at all. It's that I'm on the computer and he's nosy. It's irritating, especially if I am concentrating on one thing and asking several questions about another. I figure I need to move the computer to a less public room. At least I might get less of it.

Well, back to my 33rd. I'm not too sure what to do with self. Last year, I went to a club, got drunk off mojitos and passed out at home at 4am. I was probably sleep before my head hit the pillow. I probably won't be able to get away with that again. That was while I was separated. This year, money is a bit tight. I was thinking about going up to the mountains, but between lack of funds and lack of motivation to drive anyway further than 2 hours, that made be put on hold. Normally, I don't do squat. I take the day off to either do nothing or a bunch of errands I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.