Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Madea gets animated???

Apparently, a new series is in the works for a new animated Madea series. The idea came to Tyler Perry "after receiving thousands of letters from parents telling me how much their kids love Madea and realizing that a lot of the plays were not kid friendly. I wanted to do something more appropriate and this seems to be it. A 'Madea' animation looks like the best way."

Now, I'm thinking what the hell are these kids doing watching any of the "Madea" plays in the first place?

Anyway, more details here.


Cat said...

I like the madea movies but there is a darn limit to how much of stereotyping of older black women that I can deal with. Plus, do we really want to hear that voice over cartoons. What- is it going to be like Fat Albert? I guess I need to see the positive angle in all this.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

JESUS CHRIST! Ok, you can call me a hater if you want but why does EVERYTHING that comes from Tyler Perry have to be produced? 1,569,632,957,635 movies, twice as many plays, and the worst show on television isn't enough?

What's next? Is there going to be a camera crew in his bathroom filming him taking a shit? I guess that would reallybe Tyler Perry's: Meet the Browns, wouldn't it?

Eb the Celeb said...

if kids are watching i love ny... I think its good that they are watching madea... i think a cartoon could be good... especially with the likes of the pj's and boondocks being successful... Madea the cartoon is definitely a good look.