Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Really, Johnny Gill, really?

Back in the day, I loved me some Johnny Gill. Not so much for his looks, (mostly because, as a Balt/DC resident, the unflattering images of him as an awkward teenager with a horrible j-curl are still burned forever in my memory) but for his voice. My, my, my!! However, I haven't heard much from him as of late, at least not any solo endeavors.

So I was a bit surprised to hear about the rumors surrounding his alleged gay relationship with Eddie Murphy and how that relationship may have played a role in Eddie and Tracey's wedding disaster. What surprised me more was how he addressed the rumors. Specifically about being gay.

Gill was on the Doug Banks radio show to, in his mind, put an end to the gays rumors. But his statements instead made him wonder about his sexuality more. He states that he "is" heterosexual, “has always been” heterosexual and “always will be” heterosexual. Going further, he states:
"I got a stable (of women), I keep a stable. I've got all kinds of girls from Whites, Blacks to whatever you want to call them. I've got 'em all. Cuz that's the way I choose to live...working with the hand I was dealt. And until something comes along, one of them get their hooks in me...hey, I'm living and having fun."
A couple of problems I have with this statement. A stable of women?!? What are we, horses? Isn't that just a tad demeaning to women? What the hell does it prove about his sexuality, anyway? It just proves that he's a slut. It goes back to that old fashioned way of thinking that a man's manhood or sexuality is proven by the number of women that he keeps around him. I think Rock Hudson dispelled that myth. Another demeaning line: "all kinds of girls from whites, black to whatever you want to call them". Whatever you want to call them?!? Talk about objectifying women. Could you sound more chauvinistic?

He couldn't understand that anyone would ever think that Eddie Murphy was gay. Why? Because Eddie was married and has 8 children?!? Since when did the ability to reproduce have anything, anything to do with a person's sexuality? I know a lesbian who has a child, using the "old-fashion" method. A friend of mind was married and had three children with a man who later left her for another man!!!

I'm sorry, Johnny. But to me, any man that needs to vehemently defend his sexuality, especially in the method you chose, must be hiding something. I don't hear Eddie Murphy on the airwaves trying to plead his case for his manhood. He is obviously comfortable is his sexuality. At 41, maybe it is time for you to get comfortable in yours.

BTW, if you want to hear this interview, click here.


Cat said...

sounds like he's overcompensating to me! my, my, my!
Anywho, gotta get back to my pigpen of men!

Not Your Average Male said...

1) J-curl, S-curl and any other kind of saturated curl is wholly unacceptable.

2) I'm tired of how people dig into celebrities' lives, looking for dirt. So what if they were gay? It would affect none of those who seek this info.

3) A stable?! Vicious. Random grouping. Just imagine: "Yeah, I keep a litter of women at my disposal" -- crazy.

4) Nice Rock Hudson reference.

5) These rumors have persisted for so long. I'm sorry, but honestly -- if people repeatedly questioned my sexuality, morals or anything else, I think I would eventually have to stand up. They won't let it go.

I hope this is the first & last time that either of them addresses this in public.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Yeah, he didn't prove anything to me except that he's either a wannabe player and whore or that he's so closeted gay, he's overcompensating.

And even though I think he's completely lying, I HATE the mindset that having women everywhere, of all colors, races, shapes and sizes is cool until one 'hooks' his lame ass. I find it sad that some men would rather run from one bed to another then try to get their own hooks into a women. It's demeaning, immature and is another reason for the downfall of the black unified family. Too many men would rather have many then settle down with one.

But I'm blog-jacking. That's a different beef. My, My, My! How wack!

Miz Motormouth said...

"pigpen of men" LMAO
Ditto all of the above comments. Must get back to my man harem, toodles.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

If I wasn't in a relationship maybe I would keep a gaggle of women. Or maybe a murder. How about a school of women? What about a flock or a pack?

Wait, why are we talking about Johnny Gill? This dude hasn't been relevant since Bob Marley was rockin' a fade (Thank you, Canibus).