Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I have to ask. What is the fascination with...

...Jon and Kate plus 8??? I get more traffic from google.com searches for that one topic than anything that I ever wrote in this blog. I thought it was a mistake. But sure enough, all day long, people are searching for Jon and Kate information. Wow!!! I only talked about it once, well twice now. Sorry to disappoint any one, but this is definitely not a Jon and Kate blog. I watched one full episode, thought they were insane to get pregnant for a second time with use of fertility pills and really didn't like the way Kate interacted with Jon. He seemed like the ninth child the way she talked to him at times. I figured the rest of the series would be more of the same.

But I read somewhere, I'm not sure where now, that that is the reason so many people watch this show. Unlike other "reality" TV show, this doesn't appear to be scripted in any way. Also, those of us with children especially, may look at our lives and think that things in our lives are sooooooooooooo much better in comparison. If they can do all that on one salary with eight kids, what the hell are those of us with only one or two kids complaining about? Although, I have to believe that they are getting some subsidy from TLC. Why else broadcast your private family life to the world? And seeing that there is so much interest on the Internet, there has got be a way for the family to capitalize.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happily single and permanently celibate...on an adult single's site???

Okay. I get the 'happily single' part. That's cool. Some people seem to think that being single and happy is impossible. Personally, I love my husband, love him to death. But then there are those times when...ooooooooooo, don't get me started. If anything irrevocable ever happens and our relationship ends, I really don't think that I would ever, ever live with a man again. I could see dating again, but I couldn't see getting married again. It's just too much damn work and I'm not willing to through it a second time.

The 'permanently celibate' part? Hmmmmmm. Okay, not for me, but I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who are fine without sex, ever. In fact, I just recently read about a 107 year-old man from Hong Kong that credits his long life on his sexual abstinence of over 70 years!!! (Damn!!! I would say something crass here, but I'll be good today.) However, if you are 'happily single' AND 'permanently celibate', then why, why I ask, would you place a profile on an ADULT singles site? If I'm not mistaken, most people go through the trouble of placing a profile on these sites to find people to date, hoping to find a relationship, which could possibly lead to sex, right? Of course, I think in this case, the members are probably strictly looking for just the sex, I'm sure. But I'm saying, I gotta ask again, if that is not your interest, why waste other people's time?

Her reason? In summary, from my prospective anyway, she takes perverse pleasure in going out with guys that want her but know that they can't. Just sounds like a big tease to me. To each their own, I suppose.

Out of curiosity, to any of my readers, I ask you, male or female, would you date a person who has taken a vow of chastity? And, I don't mean until marriage, but FOREVER?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kanye West - more Flashing Lights

Finally!!! Different versions of the video. Unfortunately, none of them relate to the first one, so I'm at a lost as to where that video was going or came from.

2nd official version appears to be a better interpretation of what the song appears to be about. However, the unofficial version, I think, was the best. What are your thoughts???

2nd official version

3rd official version

unofficial version

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Obama and racism in America

I'm not naive to think that racism does not exist. However, I like think that even the most racist individual would have enough common sense to be colorblind on important issues. Especially when it comes to running the country. Very far-fetched, I know. I realize that it may never be. Not as long as we have ignorance like this. This type of ignorance truly makes me weep for the future of my country.