Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two of my biggest Baltimore pet peeves

For the most part, I am okay with Baltimore. But there are two constant reminders of why my ass will probably be staying in the suburbs.

Dirt bikes:
I don't care how many times the police claim to crack down on this, those damn dirt bike riders always seem to re-emerge. The other day, I'm driving down the way, and not only are these fools driving in and out of and between lanes, they are driving DOWN THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! I wish that 4Runner in front of me would have just hit his stupid ass and sent him flying a half a mile down the street. Didn't even have enough since to wear a helmet. The next day, I leaving from my mom's and two kids on a dirt bike, barely big enough to hold one of them, takes a corner too fast and almost hits my car. At least these geniuses had on helmets.

Those annoying flashing blue lights:
If you been in Baltimore lately, you know the ones. They are so flipping annoying at night!!! And I don't quite understand what good they are suppose to do. I still see the occasionally drug deal go down, right under the flipping light!!! Gives blue light special a whole new meaning.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Being an agnostic improves your sex life

Okay, maybe that's debatable. However, it did wonders for me.

The thought popped in my head after reading a discussion on Facebook. Someone posted a discussion topic, titled "Why aren't you a born again Christian?" Besides the normal things that usual come to mind when I think about some (I admit, not all) born again Christians (biggest hypocrites, an excuse to alienate people, closed-minded), I thought about sex. Many born-again Christians that I have come across must be some of the most sexually repressed people that I have ever met.

A friend of mine way back used to date a girl with some very high religious beliefs. She was in her early 30s at the time and was a virgin. Her virginity wouldn't seem so bad if she wasn't so frigid. She was ice cold when it came to anything remotely sexual or sensual. After one make out session, she felt so guilty, she threw away the clothes she was wearing that day. That was too much for me. Mind you that this was a woman in her thirties, not some little teenager. Well, that would have put quite a dampen on the relationship if I were in his position. But not for him. Oh no, he married this girl. It took about 2 months, but he finally got her to give it up. She never seemed to get any less frigid. I suppose their love is deep enough to weather a lifetime of uninspired sex.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just a rant

I HATE my commute!! 45 minutes of dealing with assholes refuse to drive with some common courtesy!! Every slow driving mother sucka in the state must have been driving today! Scratch that, most of the ones I ended up behind was from out of state, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and some other damn state that I can't remember. All of them in front of me. Driving as slow as possible. I know they saw me in their rear view. All they had to do was get out of the left lane. That's it!!! If you are not trying past anything, why the eff are you there, driving 55 in a 65 zone?? What is wrong with you? Just because you have all day, doesn't mean that I do.

Finally, off the beltway, one traffic light from work. Try to make the left. I get this fool who afraid of the intersection. He finally pulls out for the turn. I start to follow behind him. Then he stops. WTF?!?! We are both in the intersection. The light has turned yellow. He still isn't moving. Then I noticed what might have made him stop. Some girl trying to cross the street against the light. She hasn't even stepped off the curb, what's the problem? Maybe he was waiting for her so that he could hit her. Asshole. I ended up driving around him and almost got hit in the process, because, of course, that is when he decided to finally move.

What a effed up way to start the day.


Ok, got that out of my system.