Thursday, August 04, 2005

Damn, why you hating

Not all divas are bad. There are diva that are down to earth and are still flawless. They know what that want and are assertive without degrading someone. Then there is the diva bitch. The ones that feel that they are above reproach. You should feel honored to be in there presence, at least in their minds. They must have the most expensive of everything in life, even if they truly can't afford it. They can be belittling to anyone that they do not feel is worth their time or attention. These are divas that I strongly despise.

Blog of a mad woman


I finally said to myself "let's try this blog thing out". Crap, everyone else has one, why can't I? I will probably be bitching and complaining most of the time. Some days, I just want to SCREAM TO THE WORLD!!! Other days, I may actually have something helpful to say. My catharsis begins.