Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Waiting for the bus on I-95

At least that is what is looked like the gentleman was doing as I passed him driving down I-95 this morning. There he was, standing on the left shoulder. He was wearing a trench coat and dress pants, carrying a little plastic bag. Of course, initially I thought that he was having a bit of car trouble. However, there was no car in sight. Scratch that, there was no car in sight on the left shoulder. The only car in the vicinity was on right shoulder. Hmmmmm... I wonder how he crossed 4 lanes of 65 MPH (usually 80) traffic without getting hit. I guess a better question would be why. Maybe the same reason the chicken did???

Of course, all types of scenarios ran through my head. Maybe someone kicked him out the car and just left him on the side of the road. Maybe he was contemplating death by car and everyone missed him on his first run across the interstate. Ok, that one was a bit morbid. I truly hope that that was not the case.

In the few micro-seconds that I got a glimpse of him, he really didn't look that distressed. Didn't appear to be trying to hitch a ride. I guess he was just waiting for someone to pick him up. Odd place to wait, though.

In any event, I hope the gentleman gets home safe and sound this evening.


Not Your Average Male said...

What? You've never caught the bus at exit 51 before? I do it all the time.