Thursday, February 28, 2008

The overdrive button

I've owned my car for 5 years and have never dared press the overdrive button. Until this week. That is dangerous button to press for a lead foot driver with a V6 engine and a road aggression complex. I could accelerate around the slowpokes and keep that gigantic, blocks-out-the-sunlight SUV from jumping in front of me.

I still don't think that I fully understand overdrive, but from what I gather, it is on by default, giving you better gas mileage, but shitty acceleration. When you press the button, you actually turning it off, allowing for more power.

Whatever, it does, all I know it that it brought my V6 engine back to life. If it wasn't for the high price of gas, potentially lowing my car's engine life, not to mention all the speeding tickets that I would probably get, I would probably leave that button pressed in all the effing time.


Not Your Average Male said...

Great pic! I've always wanted to try that button. Unfortunately, when I bought this Impala, I lost that privilege.

Now I feel like researching it. Thanks for reminding me.