Wednesday, February 20, 2008

30 day challenge

A Florida pastor has issued a challenge to the members of his congregation: 30 days of sex!!!

He feels that married couples allow the stresses of life are allowed to interfere with a loving relationship. Therefore, they should attempt to make love once a day for thirty days to get back that loving feeling.

For unmarried couples, even if they live together, are challenged to abstain from sex for 30 days. The pastor feels that 30 days without sex will allow unmarried to focus more on each other, since sex has probably been too much of a major focus in their relationship. How many of you unmarried couples think you can handle that? Good luck with that!!

30 day sex challenge
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Not Your Average Male said...

Sadly, as an unmarried man... it would NOT be difficult for me to meet the 30 day challenge. In the past, I've done it in stretches 6-7x longer (sorry if it's TMI, but I'm just keeping it real... YFNS has heard many a diatribe from me about it)

As far as that goes, I'm sorry -- I needed to test-drive my Impala before I bought it and I'm only gonna have that for what? 5 years or so? Why on EARTH wouldn't I want to experience something that I'll be stuck with for the rest of my life? What if you don't like it? What an eternal tragedy that would be.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

That's the lamest double standard I've ever heard. Boink if you have a ring, spank it if you dont.
Honestly, what other than a piece of paper and legal and tax benefits seperate a married couple from a monogomous unmarried one? As someone who has been in a happy, committed, loving relationship with a woman I live with but am not married to for over 5 years I grow weary of people trying to make us feel that we're doing something wrong by not being married.

Erika 2004 said...

@NYAM: You poor thing! My heart goes out to you.

@YFNS: I figured that this wouldn't sit well with you. Especially considering the source of the challenge.

I think couples that live together, married or unmarried, fall into the same traps of falling into a rut and growing apart if the relationship is not treated properly. I mean, come on. Just because you are an unmarried couple living together, you have sex more than a married couple? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, if sex is all you got in a relationship, married or unmarried, the relationship probably won't last too long. I think a better challenge would be to make a little time for each other, every day.

Eb the Celeb said...

i could go 30 days without it... 30 days is nothing in my book... with that being said though... I dont have a live-in. If you have some of that good live-in... whew... that could be a challenge