Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Techie moment - MacBook Air... wow!

I love Apple, but I am extremely displeased with their latest MacBook offering. The MacBook Air. Advertised as the world's thinnest notebook. That it is. It should also be advertised as the most expensive and useless notebook. That it is. $3000 and all I get is a lousy 64GB hard drive??? Ok, ok, but the hard drive is a solid state hard drive, hence, no moving parts, hence more durability. But $3000? And only 64GB? I'm obvious not ready to pay so much for so little hard drive space. I am too spoiled with getting 80GB to 160GB of hard drive space in a notebook for a 1/3 of the price. 64GB is barely enough to hold my applications!! It doesn't even come with a superdrive. The laptop is too thin to accommodate Apple's slot loading drive. But wait, not to worry. You can purchase a external one for an additional $99. There's no ethernet port so add on another $29 dollars for that. It is way too dependent on everything being wireless. I'm not quite there yet. And no firewire port???

Some cool points. I like the remote disc option. I can set up the optical drive on another computer to be shared with the MacBook Air. I also like the new trackpad features. They added new gestures, very similar to iPhone gestures, like pinch (zooming in and out), swipe (paging items left and right) and rotate, useful in many applications. And hey, it's thin enough to fit into a manila interoffice envelope!

Maybe I am being to hard on the MacBook Air. I guess it is not completely useless for some. But for a power user like myself, it still has a long way to go.


Not Your Average Male said...

You're not being too hard on it at all -- for $3k, I expect this thing to buy Xmas gifts for me, rub my mother's feet wirelessly from 150 miles away and laugh at bad American Idol auditions with me.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

My love of Apple products is well documented. I have 3 Apple computers, love the company's innovative ideas and designs, and REFUSE to even sniff at anything Micro$oft.

With that being said, the you're not being too hard on Macbook Air. For it's price ($1700 per the Apple Store's site) it's features are egregiously substandard. Consumers shouldn't be forced to sacrifice features and power for a "cool" design. The hard disk space is impotent, there's no disc drive, no firewire, but hey it's less than an inch thick and has illuminated keys so BUY IT!

They did the same thing with the iPod touch. Sure it has the touch screen and wi-fi ability but if I'm spending $400 I would expect more than 16GB of space for my music and movies. Hell, for $100 less I can get an iPod classic with over 100GB of space.

I don't see this notebook taking off. Sure, it'll sell for the first couple of months as a novelty because Apple will push it as the "It" item, but after that I want to see a significant pricepoint drop.

Come on Apple, don't start this shit.