Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The American Idol audition rounds

I'll admit it! I love watching the American Idol audition rounds. It is my guilty pleasure to watch some of the no talent wannabes try to convince the judges that they are best undiscovered new talent. It never ceases to amaze me. Confidence is one thing, but many of these people are just plain out of touch with reality. No singing ability whatsoever.

One contestant came on the show at the urging of his co-workers. Here is his audition, if you dare:

He needs to go back to work and smack the shit out of those lying ass co-workers of his. They obviously wanted him to go and make a fool out of himself.

And this guy. OMG, he was just plain scary. If I was Paula Abdul, I would have had a restraining order placed on this guy and get a 24 hour bodyguard. Creepy!!!


Not Your Average Male said...

HAHAHA -- definitely two of the funniest auditions of the night! The worst part is that old boy in the mauve suit had the nerve to call in the Hot 97 today and claim that it was all an elaborate stunt to draw attention to his new play!