Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baltimore men

I was with a group of women over the weekend and, of course, the discussion veered towards the lack of good men in the Baltimore area. As usual, I was quick to defend my Baltimore brothers. I just hate to think that my hometown cannot breed a descent stock of good men. But I guess it is time to come out of my denial. Seeing that I haven't been in love's battlefield in almost 10 years, I started looking at some of my dating friends and relatives.

One of my sisters has been dating a guy she met while she was in the military. They have been together for about 2 or 3 years. He was raised in New York. Prior to that, she tried a couple of online dating services, with quite a few "interesting" dates in the area. One in particular that I remember her describing was with a guy who was 24 going on 10. His table manners were hideous (remember the "see food" joke when you were a kid). He had absolutely no intelligent conversion. It sounded more like babysitting than a date.

One of my friends is currently dating a guy from Virginia. They have a descent relationship. I always know that it must be serious when she tells the guy's name. She describes as a good man, better than what she kept running into here in Baltimore.

And the more that I think about, there has been only one other man in my life that I would have considered marrying. Yes guessed it, he was not born and raised in the greater Baltimore metro area. I had to go 8 hours west to find his ass!

But I kept thinking, what about my husband's friends that are single? With the exception of about 2 of them, they appear to be good dating material. Once again, my thesis does not hold consistently. Most of those men have relocate here from other states. They're complaining that there are not enough good, single, approachable women here.

To be continued...


Candi said...

I'm from Philly and I can give the same argument about Philly men. That's why I had to seek out of state for a good man but the funny thing is he's from Baltimore. I haven’t been in the market for quite some time but my single friends tell me things are getting worse.

Miz Motormouth said...

You know good women who can't find good men and good men who can't find good women. Do us singles a favor and throw a party for us and see what happens. I'll bring lasanga, lol!

Help us anti-diva, you're our only hope ;0)

Erika 2004 said...

*Having a Star Wars flashback*

You know Miz, I thought about doing just that. I was thinking that my husband could invite a few of his friends and I could invite a few of my friends and "we could all be friends" type scenario. However, that is too close to matchmaking and I try to veer clear of any intentional matchmaking situations. One way or another, I always find myself in the middle.

Eb the Celeb said...

Girl that aint just B-More... thats every major city in the states... NY, LA, Philly, Charlotte, Miami, ATL, Chicago... pick your city...

its a universal problem!

Erika 2004 said...

Eb, that is pretty much my conclusion as well. I just didn't want to believe it was so bad in my own backyard.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Ha! I used to complain about the very same thing (when I was single) and for me, it was also too true.

I could never find a really good (and attractive) man in Bmore and everyone I knew with one, the man was from somewhere else.

BUT the men say the same thing. Makes no sense. There should be a dating site specifically for all the "good" ones out there. So we can compare. How many of these men (and women) think they are prize, when really, they aren't? That would be a great sociological experiment. I know I met dozens of men who thought ther were something but I didn't find them appealing for about 100 reasons.

*sigh* Wish I had a better solution.