Thursday, January 31, 2008

Looking for love in all the wrong places

It never ceases to amaze me how some women seem to always confuse love and sex.

A friend of mine, I'll call him James, a self admitted D-O-G, met this random woman on one of the social networking websites. Within a few days of meeting face to face, she has already laid down for this man. She must have been turned out because the next thing you know, she is posting all kinds of comments, laying claim to him, informing other women that she is the one and only. Started to sound sort of stalker - ish. It could have gotten a whole lot worst for James considering he broke the number one rule in the player's handbook. He brought this woman to his house!! He had no clue what this woman was capable of. She could have wore his ass out, and not in a good way. Something straight out of Gaelle's song "Parkway". He would have deserved it, as far as I am concerned. He should have been straight with the woman. He just wanted a one night stand and then to move on. But I guess honestly wouldn't have gotten him laid so quickly.

Anyway, some time passes. About a month. She has came to realization that James was just looking for the fast ass, which should have been obvious from jump. She wrote a little blog entry, dedicated to the once, so brief, love of her life, James. She lays out his whole game, the one she fell for, whipping out the Platinum card to offer to buy her nice things, bragging about the "package" he's working with and how he can do it "all night long", which turned out to be a short night, a very short night. What was so perplexing to me, reading her blog entry, was how surprised she was. She couldn't understand why he lied to her. And she took no responsibility for her own actions. She seemed so focused by the potential of a man with money to spend on her and back breaking, mind numbing orgasms that she was blinded to realization that maybe, just maybe this was a little too good to be true. That maybe, just maybe, giving up the puddy after less than three days is most likely not the beginnings of happily after ever.


Not Your Average Male said...

Yes... not that all girls behave as such, but there are some who would believe that all you have to do is sleep with a guy and he'll eventually fall for you -- WRONG! If you set the bar that low so early, you're only increasing the odds that he's going to use you for that and only that. Not all guys have a one-track mind, but let's face it -- statistics were never in her favor.

Hopefully she learned her lesson. I mean, she probably didn't know the guys favorite color or his middle name -- yet she was professing her love on a public forum... not a recipe for success.