Thursday, November 08, 2007

Waste of energy

I don't know why I allow certain people to waste so much of my precious energy. But there are people that just know how to press my buttons I guess.

For example, I'm in this online social group. But I find myself complaining about the organizer of the group more than socializing. There is something about the way that she responses to my group suggestions that she disagrees with. Her responses are long, drawn out dissertations about how she has given my suggestion all this thought and every conceivable reason that she can think of as to why she feels that the suggestion will not work out for the group. Initially, I felt her response to be a bit condescending, like she was trying to put me in my place or something. That stirred something up in me. I felt like I had to strike back. So we went back and forth a little until I came back to my senses and realized how it was an incredible waste of time and energy. There wasn't anything there to gain on my part. That group is pretty much her party, the group members should feel honored to be invited (HA!).

The bottom line is the group doesn't really work for me. I have a problem with the narrow focus, the lack of variety in the activities and the vice grip control she has on the group. There are so many unspoken restrictions. If a group member's suggestion does not revolve around food, it doesn't seem to even be up for consideration. She claims that she is open to suggestions, but it sounds more like lip service. If she doesn't agree with the suggestion, it is stopped flat. There is no opportunity for discussion among the group.

Let me just save myself some grief!


Cat said...

Hmm sounds like you might have been part of the same meet up group I was in. I had to leave because of that exact same reason!

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Whoa! What group was this?? I think I was also a member. Something about social butterflies perhaps???

Ya know when it's wack, I back the hell out. And I was straight gone!

Music Snob said...

yeah, I'm curious now as well as to what group this know for prevention. :)

Erika 2004 said...

Yes, it was your favorite, friendly neighborhood social butterflies group. I tried to be optimistic, I truly did. But that group appears to be really all about her. And if that is what she is about, well, I'll just stop there. No point in getting hostile. I'll just sigh and walk away.