Thursday, November 08, 2007

Judgemental People

Everyone has their opinions. I can respect that. But some people take it way too far. Dr Phil had a show on judgmental people. There was the man-hater, the woman hater, the morally righteous, the guy who is against everything about society, the woman who hates her own race and the woman who hates ugly people.

I think the one that bothered me the most was the black woman who hated other black people. Her racial self-hatred was based on all the stereotypes that has plagued the black race for years. True, there are black people that fall into those categories. I've definitely met a few. However, I have met many more beautiful, black women who are far beyond any black stereotype that you can think of. They are successful, they are intelligent, highly educated, productive members of society.

The next really annoying one for me was the morally righteous, holier than thou chick. She embodied every reason why I am not a fan of organized religion. First all, she made the statement that her whole purpose for being on the show was to make people conform to her point of view. She wasn't willing to listen to anyone else, damning anyone to hell who drank, cursed, had sex before marriage, had body piercings or tatoos. As she preached to everyone that she walked into and damned them to hell, she couldn't understand why anyone would disagree with or simply ignore her. Then what got me was how much of a hypocrite she was. She was caught on tape dropping f-bombs. The mother of all curse words. She claimed to not have had intercourse, however, she did admit to dry humping and heavy petting (who the hell says that anymore), basically, Clinton sex. I'm sorry, raised as a Catholic, I was told all that was wrong. She doesn't sound any closer to heaven than the rest of us heathens. What absolutely turned me off from her, like everything else wasn't enough, was the comment she made about an ex-boyfriend of hers. The ex-boyfriend cheated and got another girl pregnant. The child was born mentally retarded and she felt that he got what he deserved for cheating on her. Can you believe that? How could anyone, especially someone as religious as she claimed to be, wish that on anyone?

The male chauvinist pig...well, what can I say. They wasn't much that came out of his mouth that didn't piss me off. He must not think much of his mother to have such shitty opinions about women.

The other three would easily get on one's nerves but at least they seemed willing, on some level, to admit that they had an issue and was trying to be open-minded enough to work through those issues. The man-hater had to admit that maybe she was attracting the wrong men. The "ugly people" hater saw that she was trying to attack people they had the chance to attack her.

Well, as they progress through their time in the Dr. Phil house, I hope they can gain some insight into themselves. Realize that not everything or everyone in the world is all black and white. Although, I don't have much hope for the religious zealot. She is in his own world.


Rashard G. said...

I'm with Chris Rock on this, I love black people, but I can't stand niggas.