Monday, November 19, 2007

So maybe I overreacted a little

Early this morning, around midnight, I was startled by bright lights suddenly going off. I initially thought that the street light had gone out. I went to the window to check it out. Turns out that there is a large SUV parked directly in front of my house. A person starts get out of the car, but then gets back in. And sits there for about 20 minutes. I wouldn't have been so alarmed, except that I did not recognize the SUV and in the neighborhood that I grew up in, someone parked in a car on our block at midnight usually meant the person was shooting up or getting a blow job.

So, in the interest of my neighborhood's safety and in my annoyance with that big ass SUV parked in front of the house, I called the non-emergency line. Didn't get an answer. Thinking that I had the wrong number, I looked around for another number. About 15 minutes later, found the number online. Now all this time, the SUV is still sitting there. No one has gotten into or out of the car. I call the second number. Still no answer. I figured I just take my paranoid ass to bed. But then the phone rings. My tax dollars at work.

I explained the situation, unknown, suspicious SUV parked late night. Fifteen more minutes go by. Someone finally comes to the car. I should have known. It was my next door neighbor. Better stated, the employees of my next door neighbor. Motherfuckers. They're always taking up the parking in front of my house. The shitty thing is that most of time, there is plenty of parking in front of their own house. As it was this morning.

Just as they were about to pull off, a police car pulls up. About 5 minutes later, a second one. They were held up for twenty more minutes before they finally pulled off. I'm pretty sure that they know that it was me who made the phone call. On more than one occasion, I have had to ask them to move their cars. They were probably cussing me out the next day. But maybe their inconsiderate asses might think twice about parking their big ass, broken down, noisy, pieces of shit cars in front of my house.

It's going to be a bitch this winter if we get any significant accumulation of snow. I'll be damned if I dig out a parking space in front of my house just for those inconsiderate bitches asses to park in. I won't be having any of that shit this winter without a fight! So if ya'll hear about a black woman going crazy over street parking in front of her house on the news this winter, you heard it here first.


The Girl From Park Heights said...

Those non-emergency numbers don't seem to work. I have called them twice and was left sitting, looking stupid.

Rashard G. said...

You must live on my block. Some people just think they rule the world. Don't get me started...