Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jon & Kate plus 8

This is a reality TV show on TLC.

The couple, Jon and Kate, were having trouble getting pregnant, so they, of course, turned to the use of fertility pills. They were blessed with twin daughters. But for some reason, two children were not enough for them. Oh no. They figured "let's try again for one more". So they get on the fertility pills again. This time, not one, not two, but six, sextuplets. Personally, the first two would have been enough for me. Fertility pills have been known to cause women to birth a litter. So why take that chance? My husband thought that maybe it was the husband's, Jon's, idea. He probably be wanted a boy to carry on the family name. Whatever. If that was my husband, he would have to get over that, unless by some medical miracle, man was able to give birth. In the opening credits, there is a picture of Kate pregnant and it's just unbelievable. It looked as if her stomach was below her knees!!! I'm sure she was on bed rest most, if not the entire time.

The sextuplets are now three. I believe the older twins are 5 or 6. Whatever they are, they are old enough to be in school, leaving Kate with six toddlers take care of during the day. Jon is an IT tech and works during the day. Work is probably like a mini vacation for him. I'm a mother of ONE and that can be a handful. I cannot imagine having to deal with 6 children all day, everyday. I would simply lose it. There would be no 'me' time, I am simply too selfish to not have 'me' time. Even with Jon and Kate together, there is never a moment's peace. In one of the episodes I saw, Kate was having a fit because Jon was taking too long to get dress or something. She had to have known that man was hiding. He wanted a little peace and quiet, if even for a minute. The last episode I saw was Mother's Day. Kate went to the spa. She kicks backs and talks about maybe after 4 days of the spa, she'll be ready to come home. Wishful thinking!!! But, when she does get home, she talks about how nice it is come home to a "classroom of kids".

I like kids. Kids can be fun. I might even consider having one more. Might. But eight! The sextuplets are 3 now. Wait till they become teenagers. And I don't want to think about college tuition. Ouch!!! Jon will be working until... pretty much forever it seems.


Rashard G. said...

I kid is 3 too many kids for me. Have you seen that family they show on TLC from time to time the Duggars? They're this evangelical family in Hickville Arkansas with last time I counted 16 children with only 2 sets of twins. All I need to tell you is that the dad's name is Jim-Bob, no lie. I will give them this, their kids are all freaks but they don't lean on the welfare system and they are TOTALLY self-sufficient. Did I mention they want MORE children? Why do some people feel the need for unchecked breeding?

Anonymous said...

Can she even feel below her waist?