Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The first snowfall of the season...

and, as usual, drivers in the Maryland/DC area totally loss their ability to drive. There is barely anything sticking to the ground, visibility is barely impaired and yet there are traffic jams left and right. Of course, slow down and drive for the conditions. But damn, nothing was moving. I came across a few accidents on my way. One looked as if the driver was totally unaware that snow on the pavement can melt and refreeze, causing a hazardous condition. Especially on an overpass. Probably going too fast for conditions. Looked like a 180 into the overpass wall.

I'm thinking the traffic jams are more due that influx of people thinking they need to leave earlier to reach their destinations on time. But I think that just puts more people on the road at the same time, causing the clogging of the every major traffic artery.

After trying two alternate routes to get to work and barely getting anywhere after 40 minutes, I said fuck it! Called my supervisor, told her to forget about seeing me this morning. At the rate I was going, I MIGHT have gotten there by noon. I have a 45 minute commute on a good day. It just wasn't worth it. Get to work by noon, stay at work until 5pm, and, more than likely, sit in two to three more hours of traffic on the way home. No thanks!!!


The Girl From Park Heights said...

I'm leaving work early today,I am not messing around with people. I wish I stayed home.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

There was barely a dusting on the ground and people at my job are all crying like, "Boo hoo hoo. I hope we can leave work early today." I got out of my chair, administered swift backhands to a couple of them and told them all to man up.

It's just snow people, it's not like lava is falling from the sky.

Not Your Average Male said...

Funny stuff. What's not funny is my unchecked road rage. They really need to develop a prescription drug to treat it. It makes is oh-so-very difficult to deal with people who slam their brakes the second they see a single flake or drop of precipitation.

Good thing my club is in the trunk and not within my wing span.