Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Need a pickup line?

Then crack open a fortune cookie. Yes, you heard me. A fortune cookie. Fortune cookie makers have apparently decided that the wisdom of Confucius is passe.

After kicking ass in my karate class, I gets a bit hungry. I hit the local "Chinese" food joint for a box of shrimp fried rice and a fortune cookie. My fortune for the day: "Are your legs tired because you have been running through my mind all day." Okay, not only do I get an old pick up line, but an absolutely lame pick up line. Any man that uses this pick up line probably needs to be alone. That has got to be the corniest pick up line uttered.

I wish I could remember the other pick up line fortune cookie that I came across. It was still lame, but slightly better than the one that I just mentioned. Maybe they will get better? Who knows, fellas. Maybe you should take your next date to the local "Chinese" restaurant and crack open that fortune cookie. Maybe you'll get lucky. Or smacked. My bet is on getting smacked!