Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The things that really matter

After my last post, the universe must have thought that I needed to reframe thoughts. I watched the movie "The Lookout" yesterday. It is a heist movie, centers around Chris Pratt, who, four years previous was in a car accident from which he suffered a moderate brain injury which affected some of his motor skills and his mental capacity. Before the accident, he was hockey hero in his town. He is having a difficult time accepting the fact that he may never have the life he had prior to the accident. He ends up getting mixed in with a group that use him to rob the bank where he works. It was a pretty well done movie. The characters were well developed and well acted. It's rare to get both in Hollywood these days.

I felt so drawn to the main character. I could not relate to him, in terms of the brain injury. However, I felt I could relate in his difficulty to accept change and to realize that even though things may not always go as planned, things can get better and that there usually things and people around you to be thankful for.