Sunday, September 23, 2007

Resident Evil 3 - from a philosophical view

I saw Resident Evil 3 this past Saturday. I enjoyed the movie, however, not quite as much as I enjoyed the first two. That is sometimes the way it is with sequels, especially by the third one in the series. And from the way this one ended, the makers are not closing the door on the possibly of a fourth. Until the infamous Umbrella Corp is ultimately shut down, I suppose the story could continue, indefinitely.

In the movie, if you haven't followed the video game or the movie series, the human race faces extinction due to the rapid spread of a virus which turns its victims into flesh-eating undead. The few survivors left try to continue to be on the move to avoid infection from the undead creatures, to find supplies and other survivors. They also try to remain hopeful that human life can prosper once again.

That got me to thinking. In the face of pretty much certain death, in the middle of a wasteland, why would anyone want to survive? The United States, the world, was left absolutely wiped out of any form of intelligent life. No food, no water, no essentials to sustain life as we know it at all. And then, to top it all off, there are carnivorous walking dead looking for fresh flesh. Now, I would think that the likelihood that the undead would inhabit the earth is probably slim to none. But there are other threats in our world that could devastate our world just as quickly. Natural disasters, nuclear holocausts just to name a few threats the I can think of off the top of my head. I would think that the lucky ones died on the onset of the devastation, not the few that survive. The survivors are left to hell on earth, chaos and mob rule. Survival of the fittest would never be more true. If the human race was up for extinction, would there really be any reason to try to survive? I realize that there is such a thing as that survival instinct but what is the point if there is nothing to survive for? No food, no water, no companionship. None of the components that allow for human existence.

I realize that it is just a movie. I don't know why these thoughts get into my head.