Friday, August 10, 2007

My 33rd and random thoughts

I will be 33 this month and I'm already having a senior moment. I couldn't even remember the stupid password and username to this blog. I suppose that means that I need to write more. But I hating writing at home these days. I feel too censored. He, the hubby, has this annoying habit of reading over my shoulder. I cut on the computer and poof, there he is behind me. Let something come on to the screen that looks questionable, there he is with tons of questions. I just hate having to explain everything I am doing on the computer, especially those things that are of little to no consequence. He'll ask me about shit that I know doesn't interest him at all. It's that I'm on the computer and he's nosy. It's irritating, especially if I am concentrating on one thing and asking several questions about another. I figure I need to move the computer to a less public room. At least I might get less of it.

Well, back to my 33rd. I'm not too sure what to do with self. Last year, I went to a club, got drunk off mojitos and passed out at home at 4am. I was probably sleep before my head hit the pillow. I probably won't be able to get away with that again. That was while I was separated. This year, money is a bit tight. I was thinking about going up to the mountains, but between lack of funds and lack of motivation to drive anyway further than 2 hours, that made be put on hold. Normally, I don't do squat. I take the day off to either do nothing or a bunch of errands I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.