Monday, April 28, 2008

Movie flashback - Set It Off

Started thinking about this movie on the ride into work today. My favorite song on the soundtrack, EnVogue's "Don't Let Go". Also had one of my favorite movie love scenes (I was in love with some Blair Underwood back then).

It started the rumors about Queen Latifah's sexuality. There was such a big deal about that on-screen kiss she had with another woman. She was VERY convincing! Could have been just good acting or... I guess the world may never know. Rumors aside, no one but the Queen knows whether or not she's homo or hetero and she ain't talking.

The other thing that I remember around this time frame was the group of suburban girls that, after allegedly watching "Set It Off", decided that robbing banks could be a fun way to end their boredom. Considering they all got caught, I guess they didn't watch the end of the movie to see what NOT to do.

Anyway, here's the EnVogue video:


Not Your Average Male said...

Just before their untimely break-up... ahhh, I miss the 90s.

Thanks for the flashback