Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The 100mpg hybrid car is...

...apparently a current possibility, according an article I read the other day. We drivers just need to get a hybrid and re-learn how to drive. I was intrigued. Although the gas prices have been going down dramatically ($1.69 a gallon when I filled up today), I suppose that I can still do my part to help the environment.

So anyway, here a few of the new driving habits that one should incorporate into his or her driving habits:

  1. No speeding (That's reasonable, I just seem to have problems with it at times.)
  2. No hard starts (I guess no drag racing for me. Damn.)
  3. No hard stops (So I now have an excuse for rear ending the SOB that cuts me off in traffic just to, then, slam on his brakes)
  4. Avoid braking as much as possible (Yeah, braking in a vehicle is highly overrated. Who needs to stop? Just roll with it!)

I think there was a fifth, I can't quite remember. But I am sure that everyone will be incorporating ALL of these helpful hints into there daily driving habits straight away. Right, right?? *currently imagining a room full of people and hearing nothing but crickets*


CC said...

The no breaking thing doesn't really work in traffic. But I have paid more attention to my speed. But I swear the lower gas prices is a breath of fresh air. Nothing like filling your tank up for less than 30 bucks!

CC said...

The no breaking thing in traffic is kinda hard to do! But I have slowed my roll on the road!

Erika 2004 said...

Amen to the under $30 fill-ups!! That feels so good!!!