Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thoughts about life and death

The hubby and I went to see the newest Indiana Jones movie. I won't get into too much details, I'm never good with giving a review without spilling a few spoilers. I'll say that although I thought it was an OK movie, it WAS NOT the Indiana Jones movie that I was waiting to see, which is apparently the prevailing thoughts among the critics. I didn't feel that it outdid the Last Crusade. The Last Crusade was a fine ending chapter to the series.

The previews usually piss me off. Because if it is something that catches my interest, it usually doesn't come out 6 months to a year later. I usually have forgotten about the flick by then. But there is always at least one that it pretty memorable.

I couldn't stop thinking the preview for the movie "The Curious Curse of Benjamin Button". Based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it tells the story of a child who is born as an old man. As his life goes on, he gets younger and younger. At first, I'm thinking who wouldn't want to age in reverse. The best years of your life could be enjoyed at the end of your life instead of your worst. You could look forward to your golden years. But if the movie is going to be anything like the short story, aging in reverse could be just as bad as aging forward. Maybe even worst. In either situation, it probably most important to not let time pass you by. Far too many of us waste too much of our lives in waiting. And then we waste more time with regret.


Cat said...

I heard about that Benjamin Button movie and want to see it. It looks really interesting and nothing about growing younger is good unless everyone around you is as well and assuming you aren't losing your intelligence either (like your body changes but your mind doesn't).