Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's been an interesting month

Hi there, for those of you who periodically view my blog. As you can tell, it's been a slow month of posts. And I truly have no excuse. I just got a new laptop, so I can blog whenever my little heart desires. I have all these half posts that are now irrelevant, I think I'll just delete them.

I've been a little too preoccupied with trying to get back in shape, and, maybe, test for my next belt level. The thing that killed me on my last belt test were the push-ups. I had to do 100 push-ups, and not the little girlie kind either. I like. to die. Those push-ups was in addition to:

100 leg throw downs
100 stomach crunches
A shitload of squats
I can't even remember how many kicks, it's all a blur, probably 50 a leg of 5 different types of kicks
Four 1 minute long stick jumping exercises
Free sparring
Free grapple
MMA style sparring
And whatever else they felt the need to torture us with...

Needless to say, after that test, I was spent. I needed to take a break and re-evaluate, what exactly am I doing this for? At the end of my little training sabbatical, I decided that it was still important to me to train, but maybe I should get the testosterone out of my system and stop trying to prove that I can hang with the youngins in the class, and take it a little easy. And to think about what training goals I want for myself, not exactly what my instructor thinks my training goals should be. I truly respect my instructor, but I think that he sometimes forgets that I am closer in age to him than some of the other students. I am sure that he sees the potential for a hardcore, MMA female fighter in me. But my body just takes too long to heal these days. I need to step it up a notch, but in a more gingerly way.

As far as push-ups go, I'm up to about 20 a set, almost up to 3 sets with 30 second break in between. I now need to start back up with the crunches and the regular cardio. I get a bit of the cardio from class and just simply 3 sets of running up and down three flights of steps at work. If the opportunity to test again comes up, I may give it serious consideration. But I want to make sure I do it with a truly conditioned mind and body. And that it is it truly something that I want.

So there you have it! Nothing exciting, as of yet. The Anti-Diva is still alive and kicking, literally.

So has things been this month for everyone else?


Miz Motormouth said...

Wow! After that strenuous workout, who can blame you for not running over to the laptop to update your blog. If I tried to do all that, I'd be lucky to make it out of the gym alive.
You're my fitness "shero"

Eb the Celeb said...

I started back in the gym this past month too... Dont you just hate spring. You have nothing else to do but get back in operation bikini body mode to get ready for the summer months. I hate working out... but the results after are worth it.

Not Your Average Male said...

E2k4(TM)!! What up?

I love martial arts! I want to get back into it one day... but in the meantime, how about I just get back into the gym and freakin' work out -- hmmm?